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The AI company specializing

3D visuals

Our technology

01 / 3D World

With the cutting edge AI technologies, we can turn 2D images into a full 3D scene in no time.       

Our technology can deliver scalable 3D enhancement across entertainment, e-commerce, spatial enterprises and more, 

Fastest of its kind.

at ease.

02 / AI Coach

Data is the game changer in sports but sports logging and pose analytic is not something everyone can afford.

We know the pain and that's why our AI Coach provides a hardware-independent, easy to use yet elite AI application for athletes (and everyone) to maximize performance.


Stay tuned, we are launching soon!

Cool features include:  

pose estimation

03 / AI Director

Anyone can take a video, but editing it? That's a lot of work. Our AI Director app will automate all the heavy lifting for you. Creators at all levels can do professional edits with just a few clicks. Shoot, edit, share, all in your phone. 

Cool features include:  


Stay tuned, we are launching soon!

image (1)_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Unleashing AI for
every industry

We provide personalized AI solutions for any industry. We have AI and machine learning experts which will help your company unlocking the potential of AI to modernize and scale business. 



The advancement of AI technology is impacting and shaping the future of every industry and every people. But AI has so far been only accessible to big tech companies. That’s why we want to leverage our AI expertise and put the technology within reach of everyone. Change the status quo so that we can all have our own voice in shaping the future.


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